Month: July 2015

F.B.I Chief Cites a New Reason for Crime Increase Rate


F.B.I., the summit investigating agency, has been on the net for various news for different reasons. Recently, the F.B.I. Director, James B. Comey, has made a comment that had triggered fumes among various people. According to the F.B.I chief, the increase of police criticism and scrutiny has resulted in an increase in the violent crimes. He says that constant criticism of police by the public has made the police become less aggressive, which made the criminals in emboldening the attitude. However, Comey also stated that there is no official data to justify his claim.
The other reasons for the increase in violent crimes, according to Comey, are cheaper drugs and rise in the number of criminal prisoners from the jail. Mr. Comey’s remark has surprised the officials of the Justice Department, and many officials do not believe that scrutiny of the police officers is nowhere linked to the increase in the crime. Department was not available for any comments in this regard. However, it has been said that many officials were upset on Comey’s remark.

FBIMany officials from the nation’s law enforcement agencies disagree with the belief that there is so-called Ferguson effect, which refers to the public protests against the police shooting of Mr. Ferguson. In recent days, police officials have been severely criticized for human rights violations. And, there is also no denial that police officers came under a huge round of criticism from the public and various human rights group. Sean Whent, police chief of Oakland, said that crime rates remain the same like before.

Mr. Comey also said that many police officers stay inside the car to question the suspicious people due to the fear of being sensationalized by the public. It has to be noted the social media and video sharing websites do play a major role in sensationalizing the issue. In order to find whether Comey’s statement is right or not, one should conduct a serious survey.

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