Month: September 2015

Sadness Dawns At Georgia Aquarium As Beluga Dies


The death of Maris, a popular beluga whale in the Georgia Aquarium was reported on Thursday. The aquarium has three beluga whales. Maria is the first of the beluga whales that attracted guests every year. The beluga was 21 years old and is the star attraction at the aquarium. The animal was normal in its behavior and interaction with its habitat mates and the reason for the death is unknown.

diesMaria was especially close to the heart of her care taker and veterinary team, and  the loss is great informs Mike Leven, Chairman and Chief executive officer of the Aquarium. The beluga did not show any signs of illness informed Mike. The senior vice president and chief veterinary officer Dr. Gregory Bossart said that it was a sudden acute death and informed that the animals get the best of care from dedicated experts instantly.

The cause of the death will come to light once the autopsy reports arrive. The animal autopsy is on, and the pathologists at the University of Georgia will determine the mystery behind the death of the animal. Though there is no restriction on the visit to the Beluga habitat. Visitors are allowed to visit the beluga whales. The other two belugas Qinu and Grayson are open to the public.

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