Month: February 2023

Mosquito Control – Home Mosquito Killers

Mosquito Control – Home Mosquito Killers

Using mosquito killers to sit on your back porch without constantly swatting away mosquitoes is really the only way to eliminate these biting pests! There are many types of these insect killers on the market and are not be confused with mosquito repellents. Repellant products hopefully keep the mosquitoes away from you, however, they are still around you. With a mosquito-killing system, the mosquitoes are attracted to the unit and drawn into it, where they are killed by electricity or another method. More on this website

A “skeeter zapper” for every yard!

Modern mosquito products can cover up to an acre of land and kill many mosquitoes in a single night. This insect killer product will ensure that your whole backyard and some of your neighbor’s property are well protected. This would be a good investment for a whole street or cul-de-sac. Not only would it give adults comfort when they are outdoors, but it would also protect the children from these biting, dangerous, disease-carrying pests. More information here

What about spray products?

Today’s products for killing mosquitoes almost make the bug spray method obsolete. Many different brands of spray will kill mosquitoes, but you almost have to spray the bug directly as they fly along or when they land. You can also use insecticides for spraying outdoor surface areas where mosquitoes are likely to land. When they do and they come into contact with the insecticide they die instantly. This method sometimes causes allergic reactions in people that are sensitive to sprays and scents.

Recent innovative products developed for killing mosquitoes include:

Larvacides kill the mosquito larva, where they breed in water.

Electric fly swatters attract and swat the mosquitoes when they land on the swatter.

Fogging machines that aggressively attract mosquitoes, trapping them and killing them. They create fog in areas where mosquitoes land and can treat up to .5 acres in half an hour.

Aerosol Dispensers are filled with the same spray you find in the cans, but they plug into an electrical outlet and release the killing spray the same way as a room deodorizer does.

A mosquito trap has a hard plastic body that uses black light, moisture, lactic lure, and octenal either by themselves or with a combination of all four to attract and kill the pests.

These are just some of the many products available for killing mosquitoes. Let our online merchants help you select the best suits your needs.