AC Fan Not Working?

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Here is what you should do if your AC fans are not blowing?

Don’t worry. There are times when machines stop working and there is a particular problem which hinders its operation. Same is the case with the AC. If there is any problem with your air conditioning system, the problem is likely to lie within the machine. Whether it be something associated with the settings, the machine itself or the outdoor compressors, you will have to make adjustments and AC repair to make your device work. In case you find your AC fans are not blowing the way they are meant to be, here are some causes and solutions to this problem. Air Conditioning Repair More on this webpage

Locating the unit fan

The first thing that you need to do is to locate the fan unit of your AC. It is a blower that helps in moving the outdoor air through the condensing coil and is present in the outdoor compressor or condenser unit. As the outdoor air goes through the condenser coil, it sends the heat to the outdoor air and let the high-pressure refrigerant which is present in the condensing coil to convert it from back to its liquid state.
You can see the condenser fan inside the outdoor compressor unit. Like any other fan, it has a motor and blades that help keep it running. Note that the design of the fan may vary from compressor to compressor and AC system to AC system. Each AC fan unit doesn’t need to have an identical design.
In case you reach out to the fan and see it is running, you will be able to spot the blades moving at high speed. It is typically around 1725 rpm and standing in front of it; you will be able to feel the air blowing out of the unit.
There are times when you have to be careful as the fan unit is not operational due to the burned-out compressor. This will make the compressor shut down on its own or else the fan unit will be ruined due to overpressure and excessive temperature.
How does it work?

Now, coming to how an AC fan unit works in moving heat from inside to outside, there is a condensing coil making it all possible. It receives a refrigerant gas which is at a very high pressure and is coming from the compressor. This cools the refrigerant gas back to its liquid state. The refrigerant enters the outdoor condensing coil when it departs from the compressor. The pressure is around 100psi with a temperature of around 95 degrees F. The pressure at which gas is entering may vary depending on the factors such as the type of refrigerant, appropriate temperature, compressor details and much more.

Then the outdoor cooling fan comes into play as it passes the outdoor air across the condenser. As it goes through the condenser, it becomes low in concern with the temperature, and the high-temperature refrigerant turns back into liquid form.
It is a complete and a bit complex process within the compressor and condenser. The outdoor fan unit is critical in making this all happen appropriately.

What if the fan is not working?

If the condenser fan is not starting, here are certain things you should look at to make it work.
First of all, check that the power supply is available to the outdoor unit. If the power is not available, the unit will certainly not work. And if the power is given but at a varying voltage, it will harm your AC. Therefore, it is necessary to give the machine a steady power supply to make it work.
After that, ensure that you have your AC set to thermostat mode which is calling for the fans to work. Moreover, make sure that the motor is starting and running normally. In case the motor runs normally, but the fans are not working, the fault may be lying in your motor as it can be either overheated or damaged.
There are times when the motor works if you give it a push. In case the fan is stationary and you are looking to try it, please avoid using your hand or else there may be a risk of losing it. Use a wooden stick for the work, and if it starts with a push, then installing a hard run capacitor for the blower fan may be able to do the trick for fan not blowing
Another case is when you have a condenser fan that won’t work while the power is turned on. However, as soon as you turn off the power and give it a spin, the blades move easily. This means that the problem might be present in the motor shaft bearing as they are worn. You can detect this by pulling the shaft in and out of the motor.
In short, if your condenser fan unit is not working at all, look for the power supply to fan and ensure that it is steady. Check for the controls of your AC and make it certain that you have it set to call for cooling (in other words, for the heat pump operation). Furthermore, look at the wires and check for loose or disconnected wires. Moreover, the motor might be frozen, and in that case, you won’t be able to even move it manually when it power is off. And if you can move the motor when the power is off by a simple push, install the hard start capacitor for the blower fan.
Final words
So, these are certain things that you can do if your AC fans not blowing. In case you are having difficulty in dealing with it, call the professionals. Dealing with it is crucial and if the blades start spinning while you are in for the investigation, there is a real danger of any serious cut or injury.

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