Termite Treatment with Termiticide

Termite Treatment with Termiticide

This treatment creates an invisible, low toxic chemical barrier between the house and termites. A subterranean termite cannot detect this barrier and carries it in its body. The chemical is spread through the entire colony when the termites interact with each other. Termite Treatment with premise

Premise® Termiticide
Historically, termiticide used were either a “repellant” or a “contact poison”. Termites sense repellants and find other ways to go inside a structure. Contact poison kills the termite as soon as the termite touches any treated area. While both of these are effective immediate solutions, none of these are designed as a long-term solution. Both approaches deal only with foraging termites and there is no attempt of eradicating the main colony itself. find more interesting information about termites and their behavior

Premise® Termiticide by Bayer is designed to kill not only the foraging termites, but also more importantly, the eradication of the entire subterranean termite colony itself. Where the termites are observed to be coming in, Premise® is applied to the soil either by digging a 6″ x 6″ trench. Premise® is applied to the trench and the trench is covered back with soil. On slab surfaces, small holes are drilled through concrete. Using a special application tool, Premise® is pressure injected through the slab into the holes.

For the best protection, Premise® termiticide is applied at every potential entry point for a subterranean termite. This includes the entire length on both sides of the foundation, all posts under the house, pipes that touch the ground, and others.

The mode of action of Premise®
Foraging termites cannot detect a Premise® treated zone, ingest Premise® or carry Premise® on their bodies. Instead, these termites will transfer Premise® to other termites by either grooming or feeding one another. Even as very small amounts of Premise® are being spread into the entire subterranean termite colony, termites will become lethargic and forget to eat and feed other termites. Thus the entire colony eventually dies. termite inspection and trwatment

Advantages of Premise®
Eradicates entire colonies (not only prevents termites)
Virtually odorless (will not drive you away from your own house)
Very low toxicity to mammals (toxicity is between aspirin and table salt)
Premise Pesticide Label
Premise MSDS

Illustration of the Premise Transfer Effect
Digging a trench alongside the interior of the foundation wall.Still digging a trench along the foundation wall.Digging a trench on one of the pier post.Trench ready for treatment.Digging a trench on another part of the foundation.Digging a trench on another pier post.Rod and treat holes alongside the exterior of the foundation wall.Rod and treat on another part of the exterior foundation wall.Rod and treat inside the garage foundation wall.Treating the trench on the exterior foundation wall.Treating the trench on the interior foundation wall.Treating one of the post under the house.Treating the trench in the interior foundation wall.

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