Month: August 2015

List of Strongest Storms in the History


Hurricanes and typhoons have never failed to scare the human beings. What makes the things more worst is that Hurricane Patricia is the world’s strongest hurricane since 1970. This was confirmed by the Phil Klotzbach, a meteorologist and hurricane expert of Colorado State University. He came to this conclusion after accurately measuring the hurricane through the satellite. Meanwhile, another meteorologist from WeatherBell said that storms occurred before the use of Satellite cannot be ranked along with storms in recent times due to lack of accuracy and poor quality of data recording.

Strong StromBoth typhoons and hurricanes belong to the same category of storms, collectively called as tropical cyclones. Hurricanes form in the eastern Pacific and Atlanta while typhoons form in the western Pacific Ocean. The Hurricane Patricia reached the highest wind speed of 201 mph, while the typhoon Haiyan in 2013 reached the top wind speed of 195 mph. The third strongest storm, Hurricane Allen (1980) which clocked the wind of speed of 190 mph remains the strongest one in the Atlantic so far. The fourth strongest storm, Typhoon Tip (1979) that formed in Western Pacific, reached the highest wind speed of 189 mph. Hurricane Wilma (2005) reached 184 mph of highest wind speed. All these hurricanes and typhoons have resulted in a huge destruction of properties and loss of lives.

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