Stephen Gostkowski Also Impressed Other with Arm work Once


There are many American football players, who won the hearts of many people with their skillful playing. Stephen Gostkowski is one of the American football players, who is known for ball kicking skills. Basically, an American football player, Stephen Gostkowski now plays for the New England Patriots of NFL. Gostkowski is known for making accurate kicking in the field, and it is no wonder, he remains the one of the accurate kickers in the history of NFL. Since the past four years, Gostkowski has made 70 goal kicks out of 92 attempts and have gained 159 extra points out of 165.
However, the surprising news is that Gostkowski has also once displayed his skills and strength with his arms, which is something contrary to what he does today. He was given a baseball scholarship, and he had an impressive ability to throw a hard slider at 90 mph. What would be more surprising for today’s football lovers is that Gostkowski was a very average kicker during his initial stage. Gostkowski’s football coach agrees that he would average in kicking the ball and would not know where the ball was traveling. However, the coach said that Gostkowski was so determined, which made the latter to excel as an outstanding kicker.Arm Work
Despite being good in throwing a hard slider, Gostkowski did not continue with baseball as he was more interested in football. He paid more interest in football that he could not attend the workouts with his baseball team. He says place kicking is all about making use of the given opportunity rather than creating other opportunities.

Armenian Players Stayed at Home to Avert Risk

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Soccer is the most popular game in the world. This game is actively played by many countries throughout the world and has many passionate fans throughout the world. There are many soccer leagues, which take place in different parts of the world. Europa League, one the popular football leagues, featured in various newspapers and sports magazines for many reasons. In one of the league matches, Borussia Dortmund won the Azerbaijani club Qabala by 3-1 in Baku. But the gripping news is that some safety concerns made one of the Dortmund players to miss the game.
It is said that Henrikh Mkhitaryan missed the game as feared that he would be arrested by government authorities by the Azerbaijan – the country where that particular game was conducted. Henrikh Mkhitaryan is a member of the national football team of Armenia, which wages war with Azerbaijan. Due to these political issues, the player thought that he would face any kind of problem during his visit to the country.
Soccer playersMost importantly, it has to be noted that the player took this decision of staying at the home, even after getting safety assurance from the Azerbaijan’s foreign ministry and support from UEFA. Henrikh Mkhitaryan said that he did not want to take any sort of risk. The fact is that on many occasions in the past, national and local politics of the country have dictated the participation of players and athletes in various events. In the previous year, UEFA has worked hard to separate the Ukrainian and Russian clubs from the club matches, when there was a rivalry between the two nations.
In another incident, a player called Adnan Januzaj received death threats after he announced that he would play for Belgium rather than Serbia or Kosova. Various news reports said that Januzaj was severely cautioned not to enter Balkan territory again. Mkhitaryan, though stayed at home, was watching the game thoroughly and supported his team. He also posted his support message on the Twitter. There was a fans-bullying incident happened in the league match, which forced UEFA to take strict disciplinary actions against the concerned players.
Though sports regulatory authority has taken severe measures to curb the politics in the soccer games, they never seem to be any decrease in the untoward incident.