New Paper, New Website: Same Quality News


If you’ve visited the Spirit News website before, you’ve probably noticed a few changes today. That’s because we just rolled out the newest version of the site to go along with the launch of our second paper, The Spirit of Penn’s Garden.

We’ve put a lot of work into making the user experience the best that it can be and I hope you enjoy the new functionality. We’ve fixed a few old bugs and added some new features. The most important addition is that new “Title” button up at the top.

Now that we have two papers with distinct coverage areas, we wanted a way for you to filter out the content based on publication. That’s what the “Title” button is used for. From there, you can filter your news to just show you the Riverwards’ or Penn’s Garden’s stories. Of course, If you want the website to show you all of our content from both coverage areas, we’ve got you covered there as well.

The most notable difference between each publication is the accent colors, They are there so it’s easy to tell where you are on the site: red for Riverwards, green for Penn’s Garden and blue for both.

If you want to go directly to your neighborhood, bookmark this link for Riverwards or this one for Penn’s Garden.

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